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Québec’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Announces New Policy Directions on Social Acceptability

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On January 24, 2017, the Québec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (“MENR”) unveiled new Policy Directions (available in French only) that it will implement in order to foster social acceptability for major projects in the province (the “Policy Directions”).

While these Policy Directions do not have legal value, they will likely have an impact on the actions of the MENR in connection with oil and gas, mining, power projects in Québec, as well as industrial projects involving provincial public lands.… Continue Reading

Québec’s Strategic Environmental Assessment on Hydrocarbons: HEC Montréal Releases Study on Potential Markets for Quebec’s Hydrocarbons

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On October 27, 2015 HEC Montréal released a study on potential domestic and international markets for Quebec’s hydrocarbons. The release of this report constitutes one of the final milestones in the strategic environmental assessment undertaken by the Québec Government regarding its hydrocarbon action plan. The Québec Government is now expected to table a final report on its findings before the end of 2015 which could potentially lead to the adoption of a new broad-ranging bill on hydrocarbons.… Continue Reading

54 Bids Totaling 6,627.5MW Submitted in Connection with Hydro-Québec Distribution’s 450MW Wind RFP

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On November 6, 2014, Hydro-Québec Distribution (“HQD”) publicly opened the sealed bids received in response to its request for proposals launched on December 18, 2013, for the purchase of 450MW of wind power produced in Québec. The submission of bids, initially due for September 3, 2014, had been rescheduled to November 5, 2014 following certain delays in obtaining the approval of the Régie de l’énergie (Québec’s energy board) for the evaluation criteria of the RFP.

HQD announced having received 54 bids totaling 6 627,5MW. We note, however, that a certain portion of the submitted bids appears to be … Continue Reading

Quebec Introduces An Act respecting the Société du Plan Nord

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On September 30, 2014, the Quebec government introduced Bill 11 to create the Société du Plan Nord which will be responsible for, inter alia, the coordination of the implementation of the Plan Nord. We invite readers to see our summary of the Bill’s highlights, originally posted on our firm’s main website.

 … Continue Reading

Québec Energy Update: Government Announces its Intent to Relaunch “Small Hydro”

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On May 21, 2014, Mr. Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec, presented his inaugural speech at the National Assembly (available here in French only). This was Mr. Couillard’s first inaugural speech which laid out the priorities and guiding objectives that his newly-elected government intends to follow and implement within the next four years.

Below are selected highlights from the inaugural speech that are of interest for the Québec energy sector.

Small Hydro

The Government announced its intent to relaunch the private hydroelectricity procurement program. This program involved purchases of electric power by Hydro-Québec from privately-owned 50 MW and less hydroelectric projects … Continue Reading