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Ontario to Reduce Consumption of Electricity

Policy Roll-out has OPA Implementing Ambitious Demand Reduction Targets

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The Ontario Power Authority (the “OPA”) received a direction from the Minister of Energy to coordinate, support and fund the delivery of certain programs under the Conservation First Framework (the “Framework”) over the next 6 years, beginning in January 2015.

The purpose of the Framework is to keep Ontario on track to achieving the province-wide conservation and demand management (“CDM”) target of 30 terawatt hours (TWh) by 2032 that was set pursuant to the Ontario Government’s 2013 Achieving Balance: Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan, which is discussed here and here. The “short-term” goal established under the Framework is a 7 … Continue Reading

The Future Energy Policy of Québec: Promoting Energy Efficiency Over Security of Supply?

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On July 4, 2013, the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife of the Parti Québécois government in office at the time, Ms. Martine Ouellet, gave the following mandate to the Commission sur les enjeux énergétiques (hereinafter, the Commission), co-chaired by Messrs. Roger Lanoue and Normand Mousseau:

  1. Describe the current profile of the energy sector in Québec;
  2. Analyze the issues pertaining thereto;
  3. Conduct a public consultation in all regions of Québec; and
  4. Produce a report including recommendations for the next energy strategy of Québec expected in 2015.

After visiting 15 regions of Québec, hearing more than 800 people and studying 460 … Continue Reading

Toronto Approves Innovative Energy Efficiency Pilot Program Utilizing “Local Improvement Charges”

Toronto Forges Ahead – “Local Improvement Charges” Offer a New & Promising Financing Mechanism to Encourage Energy Retrofits

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Since then-Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Kathleen Wynne authorized municipalities to use Local Improvement Charges (LICs) to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation projects last November, industry watchers have been waiting to see whether Toronto would take advantage of the opportunity.

Last week, they did: Toronto City Council unanimously approved its first pilot energy and water efficiency program. The three-year, $20 million pilot launching in late 2013 will include 1,000 single-family homes and 10 multi-residential buildings. It will permit participating property owners to undertake natural gas, electricity and water efficiency and conservation measures, with the City … Continue Reading

LDC Reform in Ontario

Is Consolidation Needed?

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What is the most efficient way to organise the 80 licensed Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) scattered across Canada’s largest province? And how can the government of Ontario encourage much-needed private investment in the LDC sector?

The Ontario Distribution Sector Review Panel recently sought to answer these questions in its report, Renewing Ontario’s Electricity Distribution Sector. The report proposed that 73 of Ontario’s LDCs should be consolidated by the provincial government into 8 to 12 regional entities. These larger regional entities, they argued, would be better suited to lowering costs and attracting inflows of private sector capital. Larger LDCs could, … Continue Reading

BC Government Delays Submission of Integrated Resource Plan

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British Columbia

The BC government announced on November 2, 2012 that it will delay the submission of BC Hydro’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to Cabinet until August 3, 2013 – three months after the next provincial election. The most recent delay is due to uncertainty of electricity requirements for prospective liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in northern British Columbia. The potential LNG-related electricity load in the region would be substantial if proponents build plants that rely on BC Hydro to satisfy their power requirements.  Currently, the existing electricity service to the region is insufficient to meet the potential demand of the Continue Reading